Over the next 4-5 weeks I will be teaming up with Cisco (yes, I know… the same people that just got rid of the beloved Flip) to bring you some exciting promotions and news and on new Cisco product, Videoscape. You probably know that I’ve been toying with the idea of ditching cable for quite some time. I have decided to write about my experiences in my Connected Home series. I subscribe to Netflix and Hulu Plus I have tried Vudu. I watch content online wherever I can find it. Videoscape sounds VERY interesting to me because it promises to take the guess work out of bringing on of your content together, and even taking it with you.

Videoscape was first unveiled at CES back in January. I hate that I missed the announcement while I was there, but it was impossible to see everything.

What exactly is Videoscape?

Cisco describes Videoscape as reinventing the TV experience and making it something entirely new:

  • More simple: Less complexity, with fewer devices needed for immersive experiences
  • More visual: A vast array of content delivered to consumers, wherever and however they want to view and interact
  • More social: Social networking and communications so consumers can show,share, and engage through video experiences
  • More mobile: Consumers can take their TV experience on the go and view it over multiple screens in or out of the home

Videoscape includes a set-top box that allows you to stream media to your television, mobile applications that let you stream while on the go, and tools to help you create content to stream for your home or business needs.

In the coming weeks you will learn a lot more about Videoscape and what it can do. There will even be a Twitter party and prizes!

Stay tuned for our first awesome giveaway later in the week!


Disclosure: I am working on a compensated promotion with Cisco, but all opinions towards the product are my own.