As you know already, I am a huge advocate for computer protection, cleaning, and virus prevention. It is soooo important! Otherwise you can lose very valuable data, photos, and more. So, make taking care of your computer a regular part of your routine. Some think that they need to spend boatloads of money on computer protection. But there are some awesome low cost, or even FREE option. avast! Anti-virus is one of those.

I installed avast! on my HP Netbook and it was painless. It is a small install compared to some other (paid) antivirus programs, but it is just as robust. It includes protection for files, email, IM, and more, and is available in several languages.

Use this time to make sure that every computer in your home is protected. Download avast! Anti-virus now.

Here are some great tips from Avast for protecting your computer each and every day:

·         Get protected – Get an antivirus program on your computer with a track record of successfully passing industry tests and high user ratings. AVAST antivirus applications have 12 straight VB100 awards for detecting malware in the wild. Plus, two out of every three new users came because of a friend recommendation.

·         Keep current – Your computer will be much more secure if kept current with the latest security updates. This warning applies to everything on your computer – antivirus, operating system and key programs such as Adobe Reader. With gangs of cyber criminals out there looking for vulnerabilities, you need to keep your guard up and your antivirus informed about the latest threats.

·         Get some community advice – Infected and malicious websites are everywhere. It’s impossible for you to know all the infected sites out there. That’s why avast! has its CommunityIQ sensor base with millions of users. If something on the internet is bad, they will quickly tell us about it.

·         Think before you click – If something looks suspicious – don’t click on it. Cyber criminals know it is easier to circumvent any antivirus program if the users open the malware all by themselves. If you want an extra layer of safety, get avast! Internet Security with sandbox virtualization. That way, malware just causes the virtual machine to crash and leaves the real computer unscathed.

·         Listen to the warnings – If your antivirus program keeps you from visiting an infected website, listen. Turning your antivirus program off to visit even a well-known favorite site is not a good idea.


The Giveaway

Just for checking out these tips and implementing them (you will won’t you??) avast! wants to give one of my readers an awesome prize! A Sony eReader PRS-350SC.

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1. Leave a comment below telling me what Antivirus software you currently use and if it is up to date. You can also through in whether or not you already have an eReader.

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The giveaway will run  until Monday, May 23, 2011. Good luck!