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Email, email, email. I admit that I am addicted to my email. Besides other social media channels it is my connection to the world.  In emails I get good news from friends and family, invitations to parties, baby pictures, invitations to brand events, pitches, and much, much more. If I cannot get to my email for an extended period of time, I am convinced that I missing out on something good. And yes, I go through withdrawal. 🙂

Email has also had a way of getting me back in touch with old friends. Back before Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter there were not really many places where you could look up and find old friends without some leg work. When I read about this opp, I knew EXACTLY what I would write about.

You know that there is a saying that there is always one person from your past that can make your heart go pitter-patter no matter what is going on in your life. Well imagine not speaking to or seeing that person for over 8 years, then opening your email one sunny morning and seeing an email from him. WOW! It was like a huge heart drop and stomach flop all at the same time. But a good one. 🙂 The story goes that he ran into a mutual friend that we went to high school with, and after saying “Hello, how have you been?” the 2nd sentence was him asking for my info. Wow? Really?? After all this time? I was the first thing that you thought about? Cool! We lost touch again for around another 8 years (ironic, no?) and the next time we ran into each other statuses had changed. And the rest, as they say… is history!

This is the shortened version of what could be a very long, very emotional post. But, I’ll just sum it up as saying that was the most memorable email that I have ever gotten. 🙂  Of course since then my connection to email has evolved. Now my biggest use for email is usually business related. Heck my 9-5 job is all about taking care of our email servers. I keep up with friends from day to day more on IM, Facebook, or Twitter than I do on email. But there are some times when 140 characters just won’t do! And then you have to send a nice, long, sappy email.

I love email because you can keep an archive of good, old, touching messages. It’s like a virtual version of that shoe box that you keep at the top of your closet. 🙂 You still have that box, don’t you?

What was the best email that you ever received?