Why yes, yes it can. I used to watch HGTV A LOT!  I would drool over the fancy bathrooms during the remodels, and the ones in the HUGE houses that they usually showcased. So, when I finally had the opportunity 5 years ago to pick out stuff when we built a new home, I knew that I wanted certain things a certain way. I’m sure that I drove my builder crazy. 🙂

The default showers in the models were barely big enough for an average sized man to stretch out his arms, turn around, and scrub. I took one look and I said “Oh no. That won’t do.” I paid extra to have them bump out my bathroom, add a larger shower and get rid of the horrid plastic, plexiglass shower door that they planned to put up. Instead we got a nice large tempered glass shower. I love it!

But, I could not pay extra for everything. So, I stuck with the default fixtures for most things. This included the shower head that was put in. It was ok. It wasn’t fancy looking at all, it was a regular, cheap shower head. But, it got me clean.

I was recently asked if I wanted to review either a Delta Faucet or shower head. Well the timing could not have been worse! Just about 3 weeks before I spent $130 on a new faucet for my kitchen because the old one was leaking like crazy. Blah! So, I went with the shower head. And I spent way too much time picking one out. I went with a Addison Shower head in a Brilliance Stainless finish. It’s a really NICE looking faucet! Fancy too. But how is it techy??

Well, I received the shower head only with the new rough because I was not willing to rip out my tile to put in a whole new kit. However, if you go with full faucet (with new MultiChoice rough), you get a lot of technology built-in.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Design inspired by the fragile scallops of a sea shell
  • Graceful curves provide a delicate beauty that adds a romantic touch to the bath.
  • Order MultiChoice® rough separately
  • Dual function pressure balance cartridge – dial adjusts temperature, handle adjusts volume
  • Features water-efficient H2Okinetic Technology® raincan showerhead
  • Available in chrome, Aged Pewter, Brilliance® Stainless or Venetian Bronze®
  • Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty

Smart Features

  • ADA Compliant
  • H2Okinetic® Technology
  • WaterSense® Labeled Product
  • MultiChoice® Universal Valve
  • With Volume Control
  • Monitor
  • Water-Efficient
  • Brilliance® Finish

Yes, that was a mouthful, but what does it all mean? Well, let’s talk about WaterSense Technology. Delta works in partnership with the EPA to make their products WaterSense compatible. WaterSense labeled showerheads are designed to keep your water bill down. The definition of WaterSense is:

WaterSense is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program designed to encourage water efficiency in the United States through the use of a special label on consumer products. It was launched in June, 2006.

Delta has a full line of bathsuites featuring showerheads and handshowers which meet WaterSense requirements. In fact, over 80% of all products fit the specs. The flow rate for these units is 1.5 gpm versus the Industry Standard of 2.2 gpm. You might think “Well, why would I want less water to come out during my shower?” But, you will be happy when your water bill is lower. And I do not notice a huge difference in the flow. My showers are still hot and fulfilling. 🙂

Now, the next time I have a chance to build a shower from scratch I will be going for the gusto and getting the one with the temperature controls and MultiChoice Universal Valve. Ahhh!!!



Disclosure: I was provided a Delta showerhead in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.