We are all getting used to having internet wherever we go. Between smartphones that give us access to email, mobile broadband via USB, Mi-Fis, and FREE Wi-Fi in coffee shops and cafes, we are always connected. And if you are in business, this is almost a must. Deals are made which leads to money being made, and you do not want to miss out. 🙂 But, of course it is not all about the business. There is fun to be had too. Games, movies, Facebook. We all need to blow off some steam sometimes.

I have written before about my addiction to email. But of course it’s for good reason! I make money, contacts, and more by paying attention to my email. And you should too! Add to that social media, web browsing, financial websites, and more and there are many reasons that you should have access whenever you need it.

I have used mobile broadband for a while and I LOVE the convenience. Sometimes even when I am at a conference, or hotel that claims to have Wi-Fi, my mobile broadband has been faster.

If you live overseas, or travel abroad a lot on business, you want to make sure that you have reliable access that won’t break the bank. Abroadband promises just that. The main benefit to using Abroadband is that you pay the same price no matter where you are. You pay € 0,59/MB which is approximately 83 cents/MB US. The comparison tool shows HUGE saving over other mobile carriers. For example, according to the tool T-Mobile charges 15.36 EUR/MB compared to Abroadband’s 0.59 EUR/MB. That is quite a difference!

They offer international roaming sim cards, micro SIM card, and USB modems for connecting. Full global roaming access is available in many countries. View the coverage map to see if there is coverage where you need it.

They promise that getting online is easy. Once setup, you get online with just one click.

If you are in a position where you need broadband while traveling abroad, check out Abroadband.