We all hear about things that the experts say about small children and TV time. They try to dictate how many hours per week our kids should watch TV, what shows are right, and what benefit (if any) it is to the children. I have differing opinions on it and I believe it depends on the child and what they are watching. But, let’s face it… for many of us TV is a part of life. It is entertainment, but it also educates. It keeps us in touch with what is going on in the world. And, it even brings families together. And yes, it can keep the kids busy when you need an hour of interrupted time to get some things done, or cook dinner.

The key is to police what  your children watch. But, you also have to be open to letting your kids learn new things. And certain videos can stimulate brain development, motor skills (by example), and learning. BabyFirstTV is an excellent source of content made just for babies. Content is available on BabyFirstTv.com, and is now available on TV via DISH Network, Time Warner Cable, Direct TV, and Sky Angel in the US. And in Canada on Rogers Cable for only $4.99/month.

BabyFirstTV is the nation’s only TV network made just for babies. All content is educational. It was created by experts with babies in mind. And, there are no commercials! I cannot tell you how happy that would have made me a few years ago. Babies don’t usually like it when they are mesmerized watching their favorite show and it gets interrupted by a commercial. Heck, neither do I! Unless I need a potty break. 🙂

The BabyFirstTV website is perfect for children ages 18 months and up. The site includes videos, games, goodies, information for parents, and even mobile content to keep the little ones busy while on the go. There are over 60 different activities in the Games section. The massive amount of video content is broken up into different channels including BabyFirst Club, Harry & Friends, BabyU, Art, Music, Nighttime, Parents. There are even languages.  Your babies can learn French, Mandarin, Hindi, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. The BabyU section teaches your baby math, vocabulary, art, and music.

Everything on the site is super colorful and filled with cute characters and fun to keep little ones interested. The videos are fun and entertaining. I was going to create a video about the site. But, no need! The videos already there speak for themselves.

You can check out more clips on the BabyFirstTV website, and also on their YouTube channel.

If you have little ones that you want to keep entertained with age appropiate content, check out the BabyFirst website, or contact one of the above cable companies to subscribe to BabyFirst TV.

Also, be sure to like BabyFirst TV on Twitter. And LIKE them on Facebook to interact with the BabyFirstTV community.