In this week’s edition of “LittleTechGirl Teaches Us about Cisco Videoscape” we are thinking outside the box. Isn’t that what we used to call the television? The box or the tube. Televisions used to be small, hard to use and they had no color! Then they got bigger. I mean, some were big enough to be their own piece of furniture and require several musclebound men to move them. And I don’t mean the nice lovely fancy DLP projection TVs. I mean those HUGE console things built into wooden cabinets. And, those seems to break down quite a bit. But did the owner get rid of them? Nope! they would sit there as a piece of furniture and sit a new TV right on top. LOL!!!! I bet someone you know still has one of those sitting in their family room. Fess up!

Anyway, we have come a LONG way. Now we are not tied to our televisions stuck watching whatever is on when we want to watch shows or movies. We can watch on our desktop computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and more! But, how do you take the content with you? There are several services out there to help.  But Cisco Videoscape is taking a new approach to this.

At CES this past January, Cisco introduced Videoscape. Videoscape is an architecture, or a comprehensive TV platform for service providers that bring together online, TV, social media, and communications applications to create a complete viewing experience for mobile and home. So, you can start watching content at home on TV, then move to your laptop, and when it’s time to hop on the train, take it with you on your Android phone or iPad.

Just imagine… you have your Media box hooked up to your TV. You can plug in your Flip, upload a video, and instantly view it on your TV, share it to your personal network of family and friends, grab your iPhone,open your Videoscape app and view it on the go. And this is true whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or several others devices that they plan to provide clients for. And it’s not only your own content that is available for viewing. Videoscape promises to bring together content from all over in one place. No additional pieces or software or accounts required.

I personally cannot wait to try out this technology.  I watched the full press conference from CES and I was very impressed. Have a look for yourself:

Video streaming by Ustream

Some things that really caught my attention were:

  1. The Media box: This lets you connect your portable devices to share content (more on that later).
  2. Shopping: During the demo, he watches a basketball clip. The client shows that basketball jerseys are available for purchase. He clicks purchase and it is charged to his content provider account.
  3. The Cloud: When opening Videoscape on the Android and iPad, it instantly syncs to your Cloud and provides all available content in your account.
  4. Instant Notfications: In the demo above, when his ‘cousin’ uploads a new video and tweets it, he gets a notification and it is instantly available on his mobile device and his television.

This is just a handful of the things that Cisco Videoscape has in store for providing content easily across all platforms.

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