Wow. This year is really flying by. I cannot believe that it is almost June! And with June comes warm weather and Father’s Day. Father’s Day is all about letting your Dad know how much you care. But, forget the homemade gifts, endless supply of ties and socks, and membership to the gym that he probably won’t use. Get him something that he can wear every single day. And each and every time he looks at it, he will think of you. A watch. Everyone needs them. Why? Well… because we have all been conditioned to care what time it is. Usually this is because of work. Ugh. But, we do what we must. 🙂 Time is important to all of us.

A good watch can last a long time, and keep Dad where he needs to be on time. And, a watch is a gadget too. 🙂 Well, at least some of them qualify. Like an Atomic watch. Atomic Watches are very techy! There are a few that have an auto-calendar, that can keep track of 29 time zones, that are solar powered and more.

So, if you thinking about what to get Dad for Father’s Day, stop thinking about the usual, and think about a watch. A really nice watch!