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Besides being a tech chic myself, I love checking out the blogs of other tech chics. There are several out there with special skills, connections, great blogs, and great followings that inspire. You see, although the internet is vast and the lists of bloggers are ENDLESS, there are still not that many “one woman tech shops” out there. So many folks that I talk too not only blog, but they do a LOT of other things. They work. Some work full-time, some part-time, some work from home, they do consulting, they speak, they travel and so much more.  Yes, birds of a feather flock together. So, here is my own little personal lists of tech chic bloggers that inspire me for different reasons, and not all of them have to do with their blogs. These are in no particular order. 🙂

Leticia Barr aka TechSavvyMama – Leticia is as much as a busy body as I am. I admire her for her continued effort toward keeping families safe on the internet. As a former teacher, she has one on one experience with kids in the classroom and what is needed to keep them safe. She continues to amaze me with her constant travel, connections working behind the scenes for major brands, and still finding a balance for time with her adorable family.

You can find her at, on Twitter at @TechSavvyMama, and on her Facebook fan page.



Michele McGraw aka ScrappinMichele – Michele is another that seems to be always on the go. And she finds time to work out and blog about it! I love that we seem to always end up in the same places all over the web. We sit on several “boards” together, write for some of the same sites, and have attended a few great events together. I admire her for taking the time to do it all, and balancing her life and sometimes medical issues with ease! I’m sure it is NOT as easy as she makes it looks, but she does a great job.

You can find her at, on Twitter at @ScrappinMichele, and on her Facebook fan page.



Jessica Benton aka ThatTechChick – Jessica is a fairly new “tech blogger”. If you go back through the archives on her site you will clearly see that her passion used to be coupons and deals. She decided to flip her blog completely around July, 2010. A lot of us have at least thought  about that at some point right? It’s a brave move. She talked to me one day about making the transition. She definitely did something right. She was quickly on the radar of brands, and posts great product reviews. But, my admiration for her is for the fact that she was recently able to take a month off from blogging to spend more time with her family while settling in to her new full-time job. I know that I could not take that much time off. Yes, I’m jealous. 🙂

You can find her at, on Twitter at @Jess_Benton, and on her Facebook fan page.


Stephanie Ellie aka BizzieMommy – Stephanie is one of my favorite Skype buddies. I love that she is a LifeTime mom which is super cool. She has also run her own successful web commerce business for quite a while. She recently transitioned to WFH mom with the right attitude after working for a major corporation. I admire that she has kept her cool through a major life change, and keeping her momentum. While not a self-professed uber geek like some of us, she certainly knows her business. She blogs a good balance of entrepreneurial and tech stuff to get your thinking.

You can find her at, on Twitter at @BizzieMommy, and on her Facebook fan page.


Cynthia Wheeler aka NapWarden – As mentioned above, I admire these women for different reasons. Cynthia is NOT a tech blogger. But, she has MAD technical skills when it comes to blog design and graphics. She drew my new girlie up there in my header. 🙂 She runs her own very successful design business from home while taking care of her 2 cute kiddos. My admiration of her skills was further amplified this weekend when I got to watch her skills at work during Gleek Retreat. She is a master multitasker who cranked out graphics and sites with ease. I certainly learn some things watching her.

You can find her at, on her design blog at, on Twitter at @NapWarden, or on her Facebook Fan Page.


Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Even if it has nothing to do with their blogs, who do you admire and why?


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