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AtomicPR a Finalist For Two PRWeek Campaign of the Year Awards

AtomicPR was recently recognized as an awards finalist in two categories by PR Week. In the Product/Brand category for Campaign of the Year, AtomicPR was recognized for its work relaunching the Polaroid brand at CES 2010. In addition to that, AtomicPR was a finalist in the Non-Profit Campaign of the Year category for their campaign to save the land around the Hollywood sign for The Trust for Public Land.

AtomicPR’s ComContext analytics key to the success of the campaigns

AtomicPR credits part of their success to their proprietary analytics platform – “ComContext.” ComContext is used to gain insights and develop strategies for the PR campaigns using real world analytics, data and metrics. This is a change from traditional public relations efforts that are most often guided by experience, intuition and professional opinion and not hard data. Many AtomicPR clients have reported 100% improvement across PR performance measures since partnering with the agency. The analytics-driven insight provided by ComContext is a significant factor in the success of such campaigns.

AtomicPR Revitalizes The Polaroid Brand With Multi-faceted PR Approach

Of special note is the success AtomicPR created for Polaroid at CES 2010. AtomicPR faced many challenges in attempting to rebrand Polaroid, which had recently suffered a bankruptcy and other negative public relations issues. However, the combination of traditional public relations methods and newer social media based public relations efforts recommended by Atomic PR proved successful for both Polaroid and Atomic PR. By combining press conferences and media outreach with social media campaigns and on the ground presence, Atomic PR successfully reinvented the Polaroid brand at CES 2010. This reinvention earned Atomic PR its place as finalist for a PR Week Campaign of the Year award.