(PROOF)reading is Fundamental!

A few weeks ago I received a coupon to help with the launch of Paper Coterie, a website to get personalized stationary. The coupon was good for one day only, and it went out to the masses that were Mom Select members, so their website buckled a bit under the pressure, and ordering was hard! After some questions they extended the deal. But, when I ordered the site was still moving a bit slow and strange. But, I got through it. And I probably rushed through it a bit because I was afraid that if I took too long it would crash again!

I chose 2 personalized journals to use as notebooks. They both came out great! Except… one portrays me a bit strange. LOL!! I chose the “me in three…” journal where you choose 3 pics of yourself with a caption for each. Well, take a look…


Let me zoom in for you…

Yep, apparently I’m a very “Ongoing” person. Sigh…

Go ahead.. let me hear the jokes!

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  • Parentingbydummies

    I think I had a similar experience when I made my Paper Coterie book! I used one of the quotes inside of my book twice and on back to back pages no less. Worst part is, I never even noticed. Dumb dad pointed it out to me two days later when he finally got around to looking at the book! Oh well, I love it anyway I guess!

  • http://honestandtruly.blogspot.com/ Michelle from Honest & Truly!

    Wellllll… I sure *hope* you’re ongoing.  It’s definitely better than the alternative 😉

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