We are all waiting anxiously to see what Apple has up their sleeves for the new version of the iPhone that was slated to be out this summer. Usually Apple released new version in July of each year. But now it is rumored that the release date of the latest one has been pushed back to September. Hmmm.. why? Is there a design flaw? Are they making sure that it’s perfect this time to prevent some of the problems of the last releases, or is it a supply problem? Of course most do not know. We can only speculate. The below post gives us some ideas about what we might be waiting for.

Before I even get into the details, let me start out by saying yes: the iPhone 5 is most definitely going to be delayed until September¬†and not arrive on a more traditional summer day. Whether it’s because the latest prototype can’t make a phone call when held to the ear yet or because they want to inaugurate iCloud on it I don’t know. But I do know that the phone’s certainties are certainly worth it.

What’s without a doubt certain about the latest iPhone is that iOS is going to be completely revamped. This is good for those counting on competing carrier models to be identical, as they likely won’t bother customizing one over the other. The main reason is due to the need to expand app potential to better compete against rival Android-powered smartphones that have access to an innumerable amount of interesting sophisticated and oftentimes free applications on the Android market. iPhone makers want to be sure that users can operate powerful third party apps, from reverse phone lookup to real-time sports updates, interchangeably with minimal freezing and loss of speed.

This, however, means Apple needs to figure out battery life issues, which could very well be the real reason why the phone’s release is being postponed until late summer or early autumn. The marked sophistication of the iPhone brought down to the size and sleekness of its design is a remarkable feat of power use already. Add further thinness, a larger screen, HD video recording, and 64 gigabytes of memory, and the problems get pretty big pretty fast. There may not be a battery in Apple’s arsenal yet capable of handling the amount of energy necessary to make a worthwhile iPhone 5.

Nobody really knows anything 100%, as not only is Apple one of the most secretive technology companies in the world, they thrive on surprise as a strategy. With that said, there are only so many conceivable events and technological breakthroughs that make sense with what Apple’s ambiguous press releases and photo ops reveal to us. The wait might be another four months, but if Apple does what their good at, the wait will be more than worth it. Honestly as long as I can hold the phone up to my ear and make a phone call without dangling the device between two fingers awkwardly, I think I’ll be satisfied.


This post was written by Jenn G. especially for littletechgirl.com. Jenn is a woman on the go who enjoys spending her little free time reading and writing on blogs. Although her background is in marketing, she loves to share her thoughts on the anything and everything.