I have written before about my addiction to paper organizers and pads like those available from momAgenda. But, are they actually needed in this digital age? Well yes… I still like having a reference available in print format that I quickly grab when on the phone, or to take notes when in a meeting.

Lord forbid the internet ever breaks down. But what if it did? Think about December 31, 1999 when a bunch of people were convinced that all computers and the internet would go nuts and blow up because they could not handle the date change. If that happened, none of us would know where we are supposed to be! But then people might not care if that really happened. 🙂 If we could not get to our online calendars all would be lost! I know that I would be lost for sure. And you never know what might happen. I have worked in IT for well over 15 years. I have seen first hand what can happen to an Outlook calendar gone haywire. Appointments disappear. Recurrence of meetings gets broken, iPhones mysteriously stop syncing. And the list goes on.

So what I suggest is having an online calendar like Google, that you sync to all of your devices. And keeping a written version just in case. Plus, in the back of these organizers is space for all kinds of other useful information such as keeping a list of important household information like doctor’s phone numbers, allergies, prescriptions, school phone numbers, and more. Having a momAgenda Desktop in the house is a great way to keep info close by for baby sitters, grandma, and Dad to reference when you are out. This way no one has to freak out because they don’t know how to get online and find that info. Just flip to the back of the momAgenda desktop and it’s all there.

I am still catching up on things and filling mine out, but this book has space for everything. If you keep up throughout the year you will have a great record of what happened in your year. There is space for keeping tracks of gifts after parties. This would certainly make sending thank you notes much easier. There is also space for listing books, movies, music, fashion, restaurants and even wine. But of course, how you use each space is up to you.

I can’t think of an easy to use online program that lets you keep all of that information in one place that is fully accessible at all times from wherever. There are a few, but they are complicated, cost money, or cannot be synced to your mobile device.

So, go old school! Keep doing what you are doing with your online calendar, but use a desktop organizer like a momAgenda to keep all family information, appointments, and more in one place and easily accessible.


Disclosure: I am writing this post as party of being a momAgenda COMM member as stated before.