My kids are young and I have LOOONG way to go on this one, but that does not mean that I don’t think about it. I often think about the fact (God Willing) that I will have 4… 4…4!!!!! kids in college at the same time. The boys are 3 years behind the girls, but there is still some overlap. They better all get scholarships, that is all I have to say. 🙂


The summer’s already begun, thousands of recent high school graduates are gearing up for their first semester of college. Though summer is supposed to be a time off, it becomes a season full of planned day trips to college campuses, stacks of paperwork, and of course a lot of shopping. As parents, we all want to make sure that we get our child the right equipment so they’re fully prepared for a college education.

Among these expenses is a laptop. There are so many out there; different brands with different specs, different capabilities, and plenty of sizes as well. To think that any old laptop will do is an old thought. Laptops are now made for niche consumers with specific needs. If you are getting ready to make the jump and buy a new laptop before sending your kid off to college, consider these factors before finally settling on one.

1. Your Child

This is the number one factor when choosing a laptop. Will it suit your student’s needs? Take a look at their major. If they are considering a field in business or finance, find them a computer with some great accounting software. If they are considering something in electronic media, which is a quickly growing industry for college students, you might want to find something with a wider, clearer screen (for graphic design and production-related majors) or top of the line speakers (if they consider audio production, music, or even broadcast journalism).

2. Price

This is a much bigger factor for you than it is for your student, that is, if you’re buying it. While the price may reflect the nature of the brand name, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the performance of the computer itself. There are several brands that offer much lower prices than others, but still offer similar or even better performance.

Also look around for special laptop discounts. Students at certain universities can get discounts through online stores. In addition, Apple offers discounts for friends and family members of its employees. It never hurts to know someone to get a great deal!

3. What Others Think

While reviews on other products might be a bit wishy-washy, laptop reviews are guaranteed to be on-spot and provide you with more than enough information. Why? Because a lot of techies know what they’re talking about and aren’t afraid to share that with the rest of the world. Laptop review sites are all over the place, and they all can tell you whether your desired laptop is right for you.

After considering these three factors, it is time to make your selection. And as long as your kid takes good care of the computer, you will be proud of yourself for the investment–and finally getting your kid out of the house.