I am lucky enough to have what I consider to be a great internet connection. I have had very few problems. It is pretty fast and reliable. But, I have to admit… that was one of the things that I checked on when I was searching for a new house a while back. There were not as many options as there are now, so I wanted to make sure that I would be connected! There was no 4G, ┬áno mobile broadband, and there was no satellite internet.

I have a few friends that live on farms. I love listening to the stories of one and reading her FB statuses about how she is going to milk the cows and such. LOL! It is fascinating, and actually sounds like a lot of fun at times. I can remember when she first got her house. There was no internet, and there were no options for internet. Eventually she got lucky and was able to get satellite TV and internet.

I’m told that is the only option for some that live in very rural areas. That is where Wild Blue comes in. They specialize in bringing the internet to where it usually can’t go!

Wild Blue has 11 gateways located throughout the US and Canada that connect the satellites so it reaches homes that need it.

Are you located way out? Do you have a reliable internet connection? If not, you might want to check out Wild Blue.

Satellite can be a great option when T1 and DSL services are not available.