My kids ask me over and over again about going on vacation. They really want to ride an airplane. But, if they cannot do that they just want to go somewhere fun for a vacation with Mommy. I would LOVE to take them somewhere. But, the fact is that with 4 of them, it would be quite expensive. Although, I do have a couple of things up my sleeve. 🙂

They have been on vacation before. They just don’t really remember. My girls have gone to visit friends in Memphis, but they were like 2 so it does not count in their mind. And, we went on a fun weekend trip to a water park in Wisconsin Dells with some family friends.  I think the girls were 5 then.  It was a good trip. At the time, Kayla was not all that into water. Now, she loves to swim. But, Alexis was fine with it. She has always been a bit of a daredevil. So, she decided that she wanted to go down the BIG water-slide. ALL.BY.HERSELF. I was terrified. I don’t do those things. I can’t swim a lick. So, her Dad walked with her up to the top. I waited at the bottom with my camera. Her turn came. She was supposed to come down on her back I think. I was watching her Dad’s face at the top because I could not see her in the tube. About halfway down his face went :O and then “Oh S*&$”. I was thinking “Oh Lord. What has happened to my child??” Well, she safely reached the bottom. But she was then on her stomach and coming down face first!!! How the heck she pulled that off I don’t know.

Needless to say if they decide to do water-slides again, I want no parts of it! LOL!! They both love to swim now, which is awesome. Makes me wish that I learned early on.

So, when the time comes to take a family vacation I will have to find a great package deal of some type to be able to afford it. I have gotten great deals before when it was only 2 people traveling, but I have not yet tried for the whole family. looks like one that would fit the bill. They promise great service with your own vacation concierge to assist you in booking, and to help you if needs arise while on vacation. They also promise some of the best rates.

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