Being in social media we constantly hear about the reputations of companies, brand, and people affected by making a bad decision, or a wrong turn. This information gets passed on, and on, and on faster than it would have in the past because of social media. One blog post written about a bad experience and then tweeted has the potential to reach thousands if not more.  In this new age, doctors have to worry abut this as well. If a patient complains and tells her friend, who then tells another friend, the word spreads faster. It spreads even faster if those friends spread the word on the internet.

The Online Reputation Of A Doctor Matters

There are now thousands of reviews online about doctors. With the growth of review sites, a doctor’s online reputation can be damaged overnight. For popular review sites, the information is quickly picked up by search engines and can be found easily in search results. A doctor must pay attention to their online reputation to keep the patients coming in.

Let Patients Help Improve Your Online Reputation

One of the best ways to manage your online reputation on review sites is to encourage patients to take the time to review you. In most cases, the only patients that would ever take the time to search for such a website are disgruntled patients. Provide simple ways to post a review about you and your office. Whatever you do, do not post fake reviews. Fake reviews are typically revealed and can only further damage your online reputation.

Respond Positively To Negative Reviews

If someone is unhappy with you or your office, take the time to respond to their needs. Often a simple phone call to address the issue can do more for your online reputation. Remember that the cost of resolving a negative issue is often less than spending the money to hide the issue. Give yourself a clean slate to start building a positive online reputation.

There are many other ways that doctors can improve their online reputation. For a free consultation on the next steps, give us a call today at 1-800-889-4812. We can get your online reputation back on the right track.