I am heading down to Asheville, NC in the morning for the Type-A Parent Conference. I’ll be driving a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan courtesy of Dodge who is a sponsor of the conference with my driving buddy Alicia. At first when they said that they were sending a Grand Caravan, I said “I don’t want that! I drive a 2008 one every day.” LOL!! But, they did not have anymore vehicles available, and the rep is right… it is great to compare the older one with the newer model. I just got it a little while ago and have been too busy packing to really check it out, but I have to go out in a bit and will certainly give you the run down later. I know that the kids and I do like the old one, so I know this newer one will be great as well. They even sent us a cool care package for the road!

So, once I get there what will I be up to? Well, in true Kelby (I love you Kelby) fashion, she has a jam packed conference line-up full of sessions and I want to see every one of them!! Of course that is not possible, but I will try.  As for my own activities.  Here is where you can find me:

Friday, 12:15 – 1:15 – I’ll be a “Mentor” at the Mentor Lunch. It will be held in Grand Ballroom Salons B and C. I’ll be at an assigned table, but be sure to stop by and introduce yourself! The Mentor lunch is casual and fun and gives Type-A Con newbies a chance to chat with someone who has done it before and get some tips on what to get out of it.

Friday, 1:30 – 2:15Tech and Social Media Bloggers. This tribe session gathers the bloggers who cover technology and social media. Lucretia Pruitt and I want to talk geek with you. So, if you are a self processed geek, or you blog about technology and/or social media, come sit with us for a bit and chat.

Friday,  6:00 – 7:00 – Grab your DSLR or Point and Shoot camera and meet us in the lobby at 5:45 or so. I’ll be heading up the Asheville Photowalk with Dulcita Love who is local and will make sure that we do not miss any beautiful sites, or get lost. 🙂 Do not miss it!! Asheville is a beautiful, escentric town with LOTS to take photos of. Dont believe me? Check out some previous photos on my Flickr page.

Yes, I will be quite busy Friday!

Other than that I will be roaming free!! So if you see me, say hey!

Oh, oh! I have decided that I will do some headshots for interested parties. You can never have enough great photos of yourself for your blog and the numerous bios and avatars that you need to post on the web! I was going to formalize something, but there is already enough on the schedule! HA! So, if you want one, tweet me, DM me, or email me and let me know and I will make sure that we do not miss each other. Or, just stop me in the hall and say “Hey you! I want a headshot”. 🙂

And, I am looking for some moms to interview about their experience with blogging, or how they love Asheville, or advice for new bloggers, new moms, or whatever you want to talk about!! I’ll be trying out a cool new program for iPhone called Flixlab to shoot and edit my vids. I’m hoping to get them done faster this way, otherwise they may sit on my computer forever. Help me put it to the test! And, if you have an iPhone, download it in the App store and check it out! It is really cool so far. And it’s FREE.

And lastly, I have some goodies to pass out to a select few courtesy of EdenFantasys. No, nothing that will frighten you! But some good stuff. Beware. LOL!!

If you are going and want to meet me, leave me a comment and let me know. I love putting faces to names!