I LOVE watches.  Yes, this is yet another one of my fetishes. I have a few that I wear that I consider pretty fancy, but I often think about how cool it would be to have a very techy watch. There are a few that do all kinds of stuff. I think about the movies and how they talk into their watches, use them to beam themselves up, and other things. LOL!

But being realistic, a watch is one of the most useful gifts that you can get a person. I feel very strange if I leave the house without my watch each day. I have a couple that I received as gifts. My current favorite was a Valentine’s Day gift. It is very flashy and I love it! I was checking out the invicta mens watch. NICE! I am not a man, but there are some very nice watches there that I could certainly see myself giving as a gift.

In a world of gadgets, a simple (or fancy) watch is always appreciated. And I personally think that a person could never have too many. I tend to like stainless steel or silver watches the best. But, there are some great options out there to coordinate with whatever you want to wear. Like this one….


Ok, yeah… I could dig that. I like orange. An I have a couple of friends that would faint over an orange watch. LOL!

I see that I need to stay off of the Blue Dial website or I may just end up with another.