Here we are at July 1. I cannot believe that half the year is gone already. But it is. It is just a reminder that time moves fast. Before you know it it will be Christmas again.

This time of the year gives you a chance to reflect on the 6 months before, access things and decide whether or not you are happy with progress. Am I? No, not really. There were some things that I would have liked to have accomplished by now that are still on the list. There are still bills that need to be paid off. And there is still a ton of stuff that needs to be cleared out of my house. But, I am working on all of that. I have a few goals for the rest of the year:

  1. Stop Procrastinating: I put off doing things way too much. Just Do It. That should be my motto. I need to start living by that.
  2. Master Multitasking: I get easily distracted. I need to stop doing that, pick one thing and stick to it until it’s done. It’s good to have the ability to multitask, but it is not always good for completing a project, because then you have a few going at one time and it delays them all getting done.
  3. Post More: It may seem like I post on an okay interval, but really I don’t for what I need to get done. I need to post more. Why? Because I always have a long list of posts waiting to be done, reviews waiting to be written, and other things that I want to share. And this is tied in to┬áprocrastinating. I add it to the list to get done, delay it for a day or two, and before you know it, it’s been 3 weeks and I still have not posted that review that I wanted to get done!
  4. Make More Money: This is DEFINITELY on the list. Should be at the top. I have had a few blows to my online income this year. First, Google deactivated my Adsense account. And although I had not been making a dime there yet, I was hoping to add that income this year. I know many that good paid well from Google Adsense, now I never can. Secondly, fired me. I was making a fair amount from there at certain times of the year like Christmas. Now that is out, so I need to look at other affiliate options. They are out there, but none is/was as easy to use as Amazon. Third, a site that I write for took a blow and that income was abruptly stopped. This was the one that was really helping me tackle the bills. Ugh. And lastly, I had a couple of nice paying monthly ads canceled. That all adds up to a pretty nice amount that was ‘stolen’ from my monthly income, and it sucks. This was supposed to be the year of getting ahead with finances, so I have a lot of catching up the do the next 6 months.
  5. Get Organized: This is a slow process. I’ve been working on it. I need to organize my house, my car, my online life. All of it! Stay tuned for some posts on this as I get it going. ­čÖé But guess what I did yesterday?? I started cleaning out my garage! It is not as bad as some folks, I know… but it was bothering me. So now, on one side I have a huge pile waiting to go out on garbage day. And a couple of days after that, a volunteer service will be picking up donations. They will probably be upset when they see how much stuff I want them to haul away. LOL!

So, that brings me to conquering procrastination. Last year, before the Type-A Parent conference, I ordered some business cards. On the back of those cards I┬ápurposely┬álisted 3 websites that were not launched yet. I thought that having them on there would make me get them done by the conference. Yeah… that did not happen. That was in September of last year, and I am JUST getting those sites going. Wow! One of them, ChiTown Moms, I have already posted about. ┬áThere are a couple others that I am finishing up and will launch soon. They are about 90% done. But you know when you build a site for yourself, it takes longer to deem it ready for public consumption!

The biggest one for me is that I finally got my online portfolio site launched. YAYYY!! is where folks can go to just read about me and what I do without having to navigate my full blog site. I won’t tell what it’s all about here, just go and check it out and let me know what you think. ­čÖé It links to the other sites that I am almost done with, so if you wander across my photo site or social media site and see some craziness, please ignore it. ­čÖé