Google + First Impressions

I have been poking around on Google + for the past couple of days. So far, I think I like it. I am a little hesitant to get into yet another social network, but  it’s Google! How can you not check it out?

As I always say, Google is going to take over the world. Now, they are trying to take over Facebook with the new Google +. Invites have been opening up here and there over the past few days. I was lucky enough to get one and get in.

What I love so far…

1. Circles – Like Facebook groups, but better. You can easily drag and drop your freinds into Circles based on whatever criteria you set. I have setup circles so far for Blogger Friends, Chicagoans, and Techies.

2. Nice Clean Interface – The look is very pleasant. there is not a lot in the way of the content. Things are easy to find.

3. No Nonsense – There are no ads, no poking, no stupid, silly, idiotic games. Can you tell I really don’t like those?

4. Ability to Fix Typos – This one right here is worth 1000 points. I love that if you post something and you notice a typo you can easily click and fix it.


5. Ability to Target Your Content to Your Circles – When you post you can tell it who you want to see your content to make sure that it does not annoy those that may not care. This is sweet!

6. The About Tab – I love this. It makes so much more sense than what likes, groups, etc. you care about on FB. I love that this comes from your Google profile. It is a perfect About Page and allows you to share what you want about yourself including a full bio.


What still needs work…

I know that it’s still in beta,  so I am not going to say that I do not like anything yet. But here is what I am waiting on.

1. There is a video tab, but yet it does not seem to be plugged in to YouTube. That would make perfect sense because the Photos tab pulls from Picasa. At least having the option would be good.

2. I got a notification that someone invited me to a “huddle” (conversation) on Google Mobile. So, I grabbed my iPhone and logged in to and cannot for the life of me find this so called conversation.

UPDATE: Apparently huddling is just not available on the iPhone version of the app, but it is on Android. From what I am seeing, the Android app deserves it’s own post, so stay tuned. 🙂


What I need to check out more…

The Hangout. Oy! This is apparently a “room” where you can invite you friends to chat with you via webcam. So, before going in there it warns you to check your hair and makeup. LOL! It’s an interesting concept and may prove very useful for webinars or online meetings.


If you are in, what are your first impressions? Find me via littletechgirl AT and add me to a circle!

  • Sean

    I like it too Kris. A lot. But it needs to move on its intention to bring in businesses and nonprofits. There is so much good in the platform. You’d hate to see it go to waste.


  • Lois Ridley

    I wasn’t ready to look into this yet…but I guess I’d better jump ont he bandwagon of yet another social media…

  • Chele

    Awesome take on this! It needs some work but I think it will catch on quick! I guess I should really use my webcam a few times before I get invited to a hangout! Never made a video of myself or used the webcam. This is just more reason to do it!

  • Yayy, my name made it into your post via screenshot!  Great summary.  I will “hangout” with you after I go change my clothes and fix my hair and makeup!  🙂

    • LOL! It’s a deal Nancy. I was telling a friend about Google + and I said that the hangout makes me feel pressured to sit around the house all day fully dressed in full face like they do on the soaps. 😉

  • Jessica

    Hope my comments show up today….

    I was playing with Google + today and was just about to go find the iPhone app. Thanks for the overview.

  • Anonymous

    Great news. After Buzz I was a little gun shy. I’m looking forward to checking it out. It seems a lot more “adult” … no gimmicks, no Farmville updates … I think I’m suffering from Facebook fatigue …

    I believe there’s a Google + app for Android. You may have more luck with “huddling” on an Android device …

    • Good point. Let me try it on my Evo and update. 🙂