We all love Christmas. Right?? You better… ūüôā ¬†Anyway, I have been on a recent cleaning binge. I started with the garage. I now have ¬†huge pile waiting for donation and another for trash. YAYY!!! Next on the list is my office (ugh, ugh, and double ugh!!!). It needs a lot of help. One of the things that I seem to hord (no, I am not a total horder) is Christmas cards. I get SO many awesome ones. I usually keep them all. How can I not? They all come now with¬†gorgeous¬†family photos, or beautiful sayings. The senders put so much work into them. Throwing them away just seems wrong. So, I keep them all and look back on them and¬†reminiscence¬†from year to year on how big the kids on the cards have gotten. There is one card in particular that I look forward to getting each year. A few years ago, a good friend (online friend actually) passed. She left way too soon! And left very, very young children (3 year old son and 2 week old twins). Very sad story. But, each and every year her awesome husband remembers to send me a card with a photo of the kids and a beautiful saying and photo of my friend on the back. It is sad, and it makes me shed a tear, but seeing how well the kids are doing also makes me smile.

And of course, this makes me think about the growth of my own kids… and what my Christmas cards will look like this year. Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas, and it is only July. But, time FLIES!!! It seems like just yesterday it was freezing outside in the middle of January. Then there was that dang blizzard. Ugh..

Anyway, how soon do you start planning for Christmas? Are you the type that takes a pic for photo Christmas cards in July or August? ūüôā If so, I raise my glass (of Pepsi) to you. Storkie.com thinks that we should be planning already! So, I may just turn over a new leaf and have my cards done in mid-November (I am being realistic, not insane) instead of 3 days before Christmas. LOL!! ¬†How about you?


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