Yep, it’s a fashion post. If you know me… this won’t seem so strange on my tech blog. 🙂 I have posted before about my shoe fetish, purse fetish, and my fingernails and toes! HA! I am indeed a girl. So, this post struck a cord. Another fetish that I have is for jewelry. I have several bracelets, rings, and even toe rings that I love to wear. One thing that I don’t wear too much of anymore is heavy earrings. They were starting to do a number on my ears, so I usually keep that to simple light hoops and get wild with the accessories in other ways.

Now, I do not buy a bunch of expensive jewelry. You would probably be surprised if I told you where I got all of my pretty rings that I get so many compliments on. The post below gives us ladies some hints on how to look like we are wearing a million dollars without spending a million dollars.


No one likes to have to deal with a tight budget, particularly style mavens.  When the red carpet is dripping with celebrity diamonds and designer gowns, somehow a pair of plain cotton blue jeans just won’t do – even if it is just right for your budget.  So, what’s a girl to do who has limited funds but wants to have a luxurious style? There are still some frugal choices that you can employ to create the illusion of fabulous style without the added expense.

Fabulous Knock-Offs

Costume jewelry is the perfect compromise between budget and style. You can still mimic some of the great new looks on the red carpet, without having to go into permanent debt bondage to do it. Once a new look takes hold, jewelry designers tend to want to emulate it everywhere – even the mass market. You can buy signature pieces that are well-crafted from a special collection if you want a long-lasting piece of costume jewelry.

Go for Unorthodox Materials

Not all the looks on the red carpet are about diamonds. You can see stars wearing anything from beads to feathers. If it’s just the look you want, look for some stars that use less orthodox materials, but provide a luxurious air. As long as it is associated with a big name star, you can be sure people will see it as a stylish and high-powered choice.  You can also copy looks with semi-precious stones and reduce the amount of money you spend to have a piece of jewelry that looks like the fashionable ruby or emerald drop earrings that stars have taken a shine to in the last few seasons. Instead of ruby use garnet and for emerald you can substitute green onyx. As long as the styles are similar, it does not matter that your piece cost far less than the one on the red carpet.