I have been a business owner for the better part of 10 years. My business has evolved a few times, but I have always had some sort of side business in addition to my full-time job. I have always had a passion for “hustling” for lack of a better word.

For my first business, I started building computers. Yes, I mean actually getting down and dirty with the components, putting them all together, and breathing a sigh of relief when it actually started. 🙂 That was a hard business. I really loved building, but since I was a one woman shop there were some major obstacles to overcome with getting supplies, dealing with price changes, and supporting the customers after the fact. I was just one little person, and it was a lot of work. Eventually I evolved to only doing that for family and close friends to minimize the headache for all. But, I was VERY grateful to my customer base that trusted me to build their family computers. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and let me know that I could do a lot if I put my mind to it.

Then there is the photography business. I cannot even remember exactly how or when people actually started paying me to take pictures. It just happened. I still do it. I have not yet tried to really make that business take off. I have my busy times of the year, like holidays. But, at other times I may not have a photography job for a couple of months, and for right now I am okay with that.

Then there is the web building business. This is something else that I have been doing for a long time. I taught myself html coding, and other skills needed to build a website.  I still do this too. Of course my sites look much better than they used to. 🙂 I took a long break from it for a while. I was thinking about where I wanted to spend my time, and focusing on some other projects, but now it is in full swing again.

And then (last one, I promise), there is the blogging business and everything associated with it. This is my current favorite passion. I never could have imagined that I would get to do so much, meet so many people, and be presented with so many great opportunities just from starting a blog. And, I love it! How long will I keep this up? As long as I can. Almost all of my business is tied to the internet in some way now, even the ones mentioned above. Everything is online. It’s the “in” spot.

With the internet almost everyone has a chance to start a business. If you have a great idea, all you need is a good looking website, some marketing skills, and a couple of customers to spread the good word for you, and you are in business. That is what it is all about. Your business will not succeed if your customers are not happy.

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