Yes, totally random title. LOL!! But, there is this house not too far from me that I have drooled over FOR YEARS. When I look at it I can hear the heavens open up. LOL!! It is HUGE, has a wrap around driveway, 3 car garage, and takes up most of the block on it’s own. Whenever I go to the store in that area, I detour down that street just to look at it.

Well, the other day when driving by there I let out a gasp because there is a For Sale sign in front. It was just a curious gasp. It’s not like I have any money, or the market is good enough to sell my current house or anything like that. I actually mumbled “Oh sure, put it up for sale now when I can’t buy it!” HA! So, I looked it up once I got home, found out all of the info, and then I started browsing pics. The house is STUNNING. It really is. And it’s like 4600 sq feet. Heaven I tell ya. But… whomever took the photos for the virtual tour, well… they should have made a couple of changes. Yes, in one area there was a nice oversized recliner, and  leather recliner. But… on some photos… the furniture was covered in PLASTIC!!! Oh wow. I thought we stopped doing that a long time ago. LOL! That kind of threw off my feelings for the rest of the house. LOL! That and the fact that one of the residents had managed to sneak into some of the pics. 🙂

But, I tried hard to get over that and imagine my own Catnapper recliner, huge custom built entertainment stand, and big screen TV.

Hmm…. getting a house like that would require a lot of shopping…. Yes, I am dreaming.