I *think* I have revealed my addiction to finding the perfect pair of headphones before. I have tried several brands. I have done Bluetooth, wireless, and wired. It never ends. But, one thing I know is that noise canceling headphones are better. I use them at work. It if very distracting to be able to hear the other sounds of the office. Noise canceling headphones make sure that does not happen.


Let’s face it; we live in a very noise world. Many people fail to realize the adverse impact that continual loud noises can have on their hearing over time. This repeated exposure is a significant contributor to hearing problems adults face later in life. Adults must take measures in order to protect themselves from hearing damage.

Analysing the sound levels of common items or activities can easily illustrate how damage happens. Take a normal everyday conversation with a normal level of voice. This is only 60 decibels which would not pose any detrimental effects on your hearing. However, garden power tools are hearing loss culprits. Most have a decimal level of around 100 decibels which is much greater than the normal conversation. Such garden power tools that would be included in this are chainsaws, hedge trimmers, lawnmowers and weed whackers. While this is a high amount of noise, also think about what kind of damage occurs as use of these are for sustained periods of time over many years. Every exposure plays a small part in your hearing’s decline.

Another serious problem for hearing health is traditional headphones. Your basic headphones do not effectively block out external background noises. Therefore, most wearers of traditional headphones compensate by cranking up the volume. This is not a good thing for your ear. Again, you are exposing them to a high amount of decibels for probably an extended period of time.

With all of this damage being done to hearing, there must be some solution. The wearing of noise cancelling headphones is an effective weapon to help eliminate these background sounds while at the same time preserving your hearing. Noise cancelling headphones come with technology that is able to effectively cancel out the unwanted noise by creating the polar opposite sound. Therefore, the background external noises are successfully blocked from your hearing. This means you never hear them. No longer is there a need to crank up the volume. Also, wearing noise cancelling headphones is a healthy practice when using garden power tools noise cancelling headphones also can be worn when consistently being exposed to any high level of sound.

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