Why did it take me so long to write this? Because I have been crazy busy!!! Between coming back from Type-A, jumping right back into planning for ChiTown Mom’s Nite Out, and all other things going on, I have not had the energy to write much. I started this post as soon as I got back. I am finally finishing it (sorta) now!

But, don’t let that fool you. The conference was AWESOME!!! I always love seeing those that I have not seen for many months, or maybe even a year. Everyone looked great. Everyone was happy. And everyone was so dang SMART. All of the sessions were on point.

Here are the ones that I attended and the takeaways that I remember. Excuse me if I forget something important. It has been a while!

Transitioning From Blogger to Social Media Consultant (@reallifesarah and @highimpactmom)

This one was of great interest to me as I finish building and getting LTG Media off the ground.  This is what I have been kind of doing for a while, so I was very interested in what those that are already successfully pulling this off had to say.

Sarah has become the “Social Media Expert” in her small town. Amanda does the same where she lives. So, how do they suggest you get that repuation where you live? Well, there are a few ideas. The success of course depends on where you live. As they joked, if you live in or near Silicon Valley and you are not a big name, you may get laughed at trying to sell your Social Media services. But, in an area not quite so saturated with tons of “social media experts” you can make a name for yourself. Some tips that they gave include:

  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce and list yourself as a social media consultant and outline your skills
  • Send post cards  or coupons to local businesses advertising your services
  • Pitch a local news source about something newsworthy and social media related
  • Attend local social media meetings: Browse the web and look for events in your area. Go. Mingle. Pass out cards.

I asked during the session “how much free advice do you give out?”. I had gotten caught in a couple of instances where someone asked for my advice under the guise that they may want my services. I gave them some pointers, and they ran out and did mostly the opposite of what I suggested anyway. Sarah and Amanda suggests having a set price for a consultation, or offering a 30 minute free consultation with that explanation that after that there is a cost.

I got a lot of useful info from that session. The girls were great.

eBook from Concept to Sales (@angengland)

This is another one on the endless to do list. I have a couple of ideas for eBooks in my head that need to get out. I had also attended a  really awesome session about eBooks during Gleek Retreat that was full of info. So, I think I have enough useful info now to get it done. Now I just need to make the time!

Anyway, here is what I got from that session:

Writing an eBook helps you with personal branding, and authority building – If you know enough to write an eBook on something you must be an expert right?? Well that’s what people will think. 🙂

Some of Ang’s tips:

  • An eBook helps you brand yourself
  • Start with a broad topic and work your way down. Example: Instead of just saying ‘I am going to write about cars’, break it down to a specific car and then fixing something on that specific car. Those types of books are not as common.
  • Think about what you are already writing about
  • What are you already an expert in?
  • Write the table of contents first, so you will not forget info and won’t get lost along the way

Profitable Blogging Without Selling Your Soul (@linda_sellers, @roxanaSB, @justicefergie)

This one another one that I was really interested in. We all want to make money on our blogs. And one main way to do that is by writing sponsored posts. But, how do you work sponsored posts into your site without them sticking out like a sore thumb?

  • Write all posts even reviews and press releases in your own voice
  • Get expectations laid out ahead of time (on projects, posts)
  • Speak up for yourself: Do not be afraid to change terms or refuse a “job”  if it does not feel right.
There was more info in the session, but those are the 3 best pieces of advice that I agree with. Especially that last one. I turn down quite a few things, even paid posts because I just cannot think of a way to work it in. I recently turned one down because the keyword arrangement that they wanted made no sense to me.
Other Stuff

I was also involved in being a mentor during lunch. That was pretty fun and interesting. I got to sit at a table full of people some of which were conference newbies. We just talked and got to know each other.  And I co-lead the Asheville Photo Walk. It is such a fun town to take pictures of! Although, I was a a bit disappointed on Sunday when walking around downtown. I wanted to show some people the excitement of the drum circle who did not get to attend the photo walk, but alas… the circle had been taken over by Christian music. I have nothing against Christian music, but it was no drum circle. LOL!

I know that after all this time I have forgotten some probably important details. But I do know that this years conference was really, really good! Last year was not bad by any means, but there was certainly more substance and great info this year. Kelby has done a wonderful job once again!

Do not fret, this is not the end of my recaps. Oh no!! I have more stuff that deserves it’s own very special post. 🙂

And check out this post on Type-A Conference for links to everyone’s recaps.