I am all about saving money on cable bills by watching online content. We have had a post before about LOVEFilM. It’s a great place to watch movies. Learn more below.


LOVEFiLM is great. Not only do they have all the best titles and plenty of free movies online without downloading but their website has some great technical features which really pushes our buttons! Today we thought we’d tell you about their great priority system which makes choosing your films a breeze.

The way LOVEFiLM membership works is through a “package” system, which allows you to choose whatever level of commitment and cost you think is most appropriate for you. If you only want to rent a couple of films per month, you might start with the lightest package at £4.99 a month. If you’re a crazy film and game enthusiast, you can go all out with the ultimate unlimited usage package at £16.33 a month. No matter what kind of film fan you find yourself, LOVEFiLM has a
package to suit you.

The important thing to keep in mind when browsing the LOVEFiLM website is your rentals list. This is a list of titles, chosen by you, which will be despatched to your address whenever it’s time for you to get a new rental. You can browse through the LOVEFiLM catalogue and add titles to this list by clicking on the “Rent” button.

You can then view the full list (LOVEFiLM recommend you keep at least 10 titles listed at any one time) by accessing the “My rental list” tab at the top of the page. If you want to receive your titles in a particular order, for example if you know the title you want to receive and watch first, you can utilize the LOVEFiLM priority ranking system. High priority films will be despatched first, whilst low priority films will be left until all the high and medium priority films have been watched.

If you add the latest Harry Potter flick to your rental list, for example, and want to make sure you receive and watch it before the new one comes out in cinemas, be sure to make it high priority!