I drive a minivan. Yes, it’s a nice minivan, but it’s still a minivan. And a minivan is just not “me”. It’s not sexy, it’s not slick. Sure, it is fully loaded, but… it’s still a minivan. It is a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. Yes, that is the nicer one. But, you know those commercials where they try to make the minivan look all sexy?? Yeah… I don’t get those tingles when I look at mine. LOL!

You may remember that I participated in the Chicago GM Photo Challenge for the Auto Show back in February. For that week I drove a beautiful 2011 Buick Lacrosse. That is a really, really, really nice car. It’s a luxury vehicle, with a nice amount of space and all the fixings!

2010 Buick Lacrosse

If you need a mid-sized vehicle that makes you feel like you are riding in an expensive luxury vehicle, check out that Lacrosse.  Of course I could not drive one of those right now because I have 4 kids, and they would not fit. But, the interior space is good, even for those with long legs. The interior features and functions are very similar to it’s big brother which I was lucky enough to drive…

The Buick Enclave

OMG! Talk about love. That is one NIIIICEEE vehicle. Can you tell that I like it?? Honestly, if the had the money to buy a new one right now, this is what I would buy. Seriously. It was very spacious inside, fully loaded, everything was pretty easy to figure out which is important. But most importantly, there was a nice amount of cargo space. That is a big deal for me. Some cars, even some large SUVs and minivans do not have enough cargo space. And having 4 children, I need a car with enough space for a road trip. When at the auto show when checking out cars, I would check out the looks of the car and then head straight to the back to check out the cargo space.

2011 Buick Enclave

The Enclave has 3 rows and is very spacious, although you cannot tell from outside.  It hides it very well. It was also very easy to get the girls in and out of the back row unlike some other vehicles. There is the fancy electronic 2nd row sliding seat. I was a passenger in an Enclave before, so I know that the space in the back is great. And as stated, even with the roomy back seat space, Buick did not take away cargo space. The space here is good.

Buick Enclave Cargo Space

Everything in this car screams luxury! The exterior body style reminds me of the Chevy Traverse that I drove a while ago, but on steroids. The interior is just really sweet. I enjoyed using the navigation system, the stereo, and especially the voice controls.

And it got the kid stamp of approval! They loved it. Although the rear seat DVD system does not work out too well for those with more than 2 kids. Those in the back row miss out. But they did not seem to mind too much. They were just very happy to be in the car. But, there is also an option for an 8″ overhead DVD system instead of the rear seat system. And, I think you can opt for both the back of the seat screens and the overhead screen.

Playing around on the Buick website, the one that I would like (because I’m a car snob), would run me around $50,000. OUCH! But, it would totally be worth it. I maxed it out with almost everything. This includes:

  • All Wheel Drive
  • Power Sunroof
  • Top package
  • DVD System

Check out Buick.com to configure your own.

I told you… I’m a car snob. 🙂 If I am going for it, I am going to go for it all. I keep seeing Enclaves driving around on the street and saying to myself “Someday my pretty!”



Disclosure: GM/Buick provided the cars as a loan in exchange for this review. There was no monetary compensation. All opinions are my own.