Keeping your children entertained during the summer holidays can be very expensive. Trips to football matches, zoos and amusement parks can soon add up. With this in mind, many families are looking at cheaper ways to entertain their children without breaking the bank. So, if you too are looking at cheaper ways to entertain your children this summer, simply read my following five money saving tips aimed at saving you a small fortune!

Learning Online Through Videos And iPhone Apps
Education doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom or behind an exercise book. Thanks to exciting online learning programs, kids can now combine entertainment and education together to enhance their overall knowledge. Watching a World War Two battle re-enactment of soldiers running across muddy wasteland and tanks firing in to the night sky, paints a much clearer picture than anything you can read from an exercise book. I also use iPhone apps which help increase my children’s numeracy skills. There are many apps out there costing as little as 90p. Overall, education can be exciting and online learning websites and iPhone apps are a great platform to start.

Create Artistic Personalised Cards
Likewise, personalised greeting card websites are superb places for your kids to show their artistic skills. Very recently, my twins wanted to write a birthday cake and uploaded it within seconds. The end result was fantastic, Auntie Pauline absolutely loved it and the twins could not have been happier!

Sell All Your Unwanted Video Games, DVDs and CDs
DVDs and video games take up a lot of space in our home and until very recently we were running out of carpet space. My twins love their Playstation and have collected every single Fifa Football game in existence, but as soon as a new one is released, the old ones are soon discarded. Thankfully, I found a superb website that lets you sell dvds , cds and video games online in return for money. So, without wasting another second, my twins and I collected all the old video games , CDs and DVDs they no longer used. I decided to turn this into a fun game where we used a web camera to scan in the barcodes and we received a price for each one. This website is a great way for you to sell any unwanted CDs, DVDs and video games and earn some extra money.

Looking After Your Very Own Online Pet Monster
My kids jumped at the chance of owning an online monster and I can’t say I blame them. On you can create your very own monster and teach it to fetch, do tricks and respond to its name! The game also teaches children how to take responsibility of a pet and there is also a very realistic element to the program. If your monster becomes ill you need to nurse it back to health or it will die. Generally, this is a great website and a fun way for your kids to learn the basics of looking after a pet even though the pet in question is a bone eating monster!

Fun Arts And Crafts
My children love art and crafts, but as every parent will tell you sending your children on weekly art lessons can be expensive. Luckily for them, I searched online and found a fantastic art website that tutors and develops a child’s artistic talents. Arts And Crafts For Kids provides helpful artistic advice to children of any ability and age group and shows them fantastic videos on how to create art using material that can be found in the home.

So, there you have it. Five cheap and highly entertaining online activities your kids can enjoy this summer. Check each one out and stop summer boredom dead in its tracks!