This picture is just cause I think that is a really cool car. LOL! But, I just posted recently that I am a total car snob! If I am purchasing a new car it must have just about EVERYTHING!! The best sounds, leather heated seats, etc. Whatever is available, I am going to find a way to need it! Ok, well not everything, but most things. 🙂 But what if you cannot go all out and upgrade everything on your new car? Sometimes it is more cost effective to upgrade AFTER you buy the vehicle. Dealer prices on add-ons can be expensive, so you may do better getting someone to “trick out” your car after. Or, what if you cannot purchase a new car right away and you want to add some excitement to your current one? The below article gives us a few tips on things to do if you spend a lot of time in your car to make it more enjoyable for the whole family.


While it might appear that men primarily dominate the car audio and video world, this isn’t necessary true. There are many little tech upgrades that women can do to get more from their cars. With so much time spent behind the wheel, it is important that every moment is an enjoyable one. The following are the top 5 car audio and video upgrades that every mother should have.


 1. New Car Stereo

There are many benefits to removing the stereo that came with the car and putting in a new one. Aftermarket car stereos offer a wide variety of features that will not only make the driver happy, but the kids as well. Modern aftermarket car stereos feature built-in GPS navigation, Bluetooth for hands-free talking, iPod audio playback, and even DVD playback.


2. New Speakers

To get better sound in the car, go right for the speakers. Replacing the factory speakers with new aftermarket ones will provide better sound quality from the car stereo. This means that the radio will sound better, CDs will sound more detailed, and movies will sound more lifelike. This upgrade is possibly the easiest to do and yields some fantastic results.


3. Headrest Monitors & Rear Seat Entertainment

Keeping the kids in the back happy has never been easier. By replacing the front headrests with some headrests monitors will give rear seat passengers the option to watch a movie or play a video game. With kids happy and preoccupied in the back, the driver is able to stay calm and focus on the road.


4. Back-up Camera

Backing the car up can be dangerous when there are little kids around. Since it is impossible to see all of the blind spots at once, installing a rear view camera is the perfect solution. Once the vehicle is put in reverse, the camera will display what is happening behind the car. This is perfect for safely backing up, as well as parking.


5. Car Alarm

A car is useless if it gets stolen. What is worse is that all the valuables inside the car could potentially be stolen too. By having a car alarm installed, the vehicle can remain protected while the driver is away. Some alarms feature 2-way paging which allow the driver to see the status of the car at any given time.


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