It is now a well known fact that I have a thing for pink. This includes eyeglasses. People always comment on my blingy pink glasses. And, I have written before about getting my glasses from Zenni Optical because they are reasonable and they look good! Well, I just got some new ones this week. YAYY!! I LOVE them. Of course, they include some pink, and I got the pink tint again, but I got them lighter than my previous pair. And this pair has spring hinges which makes me very, very happy! The price? The glasses were $9.95 + $4.95 for the tint for a whopping $14.90. How cool is that?? Under $15 for good looking prescription glasses??? Unreal! Getting the best bang for my buck is always important to me in everything, and discount eyeglasses is no exception. Plus this way I can get several pair and switch up for different looks. 🙂

Why do I keep buying from Zenni? I do not believe in paying hundreds of dollars for a pair of designer glasses. I do not care whose name is on them as long as they look good, fit right, and most importantly, I can see!!! I love that the below video featuring Clark Howard, HLN money expert, mentions Zenni as an option for buying glasses. I first started using Zenni in March of 09. And I am ALWAYS telling others to check them out when people comment on my glasses. I should probably see if they have some sort of affiliate program. Hmmm…

I love the other tips in his video too, especially the one about using the Internet phone service. I have not tried that particular one, but I will look it up. I have posted before about phone service being on my list of things to cut costs on, so I will definitely be checking that out.

What are some tips that you have for cutting costs around the house?