Our kids are now the proud owners of many gadgets. Yes, times have changed. This goes double for those going into college. They have laptops, cell phones, televisions, and more. Sometimes these gadgets get broken or come up missing. I have heard from 2 friends lately whose teens have had something lost or stolen. As adults, it upsets us when it happens. It upsets younger people even more. The below post is for my UK readers, but the same advice goes for people here in the US. We also need insurance. Just check with your local agent to see what you can get covered.

When you leave home and move into either halls or a shared house, you not only need to grow up by fending for yourself and feeding yourself, you also need to grow up in other ways and that means looking after your own belongings. This is where a great insurance cover comes in.

Endsleigh have taken into consideration a modern day’s students needs and have in turn put their experience into a great insurance contents cover. Not only will it keep an array of gadgets covered, it will also allow each and every student piece of mind.

Students as standard come with an array of gadgets these days, such as the likes of laptops, music players, sound systems, cameras, iPods, straighteners and phones. All of these are at risk to opportunists or simply loss.

Endsleigh have therefore answered the modern day student’s prayers and have in turn created an insurance cover that only allows them to pay for the cover they need. You can use the student insurance comparison function on the Endsleigh website to find the best policy for you. There are no added extras or expense to worry about and if worst comes to worst and you do misplace any of your belongings, Endsleigh have your back.

Their walk in theft cover is also great news for those that live in shared accommodation, as their mind will be put at rest when out and about,

The insurance contents cover also covers the likes of laptops. Many students, if not all will own some sort of laptop or notepad in which they will complete an array of university work on. If this were to go missing, the student would fall behind in the work, however if Endsleigh covers you, you will have a replacement in no time! This also applies to any items that need repaired, Endsleigh will provide a replacement loan item until yours is back to full working order.