Uncommon Deflector 4 iPhone Case Review

I am ALWAYS, and I mean always talking about branding, branding, branding!! If you want people to know who you are, you need to make a name for yourself. And part of this is being recognized in everything that you do.

I headed off to Blogher 2011 with my branding in tact. I had t-shirts, a new cell phone case, a custom journal, some new business cards, and more! I am always branded! Although, I still need to rebrand a few items since I changed my avatar recently. But, most things are done. There were a few awesome companies that helped me out. The first of them was Uncommon. I have always been a fan of cheap cell phone cases. Cheap meaning reasonable, not cheaply made! :)

The Uncommon Deflector Case for iPhone 4


I LOVE this case. I have gotten so many compliments while out roaming. I do believe this is one of the best quality GOOD LOOKING cases that I have ever owned. Well, of course it is good looking because it has my branding on it. ;) But it would be good looking even withough that. The case is very sturdy, and fits the phone perfectly. I chose this option over the Capsule case because I like that the screen is fully exposed. Sometimes cases that hug the screen hinder the function when scrolling, or using touch close to the edge.

I chose to design my own case, but you can also use the online tool to customize a case by selecting artwork from the gallery. It took me a few tries to get the size just right, but there are great tools for helping you out.

Unlike some other cases that I have tried, the image on this one is solid. Uncommon uses a special tattoo technique called 3D TATT to not only wrap the image around the whole case seamlessly, but it also embeds the image deep into the case. They promise no fading or chipping. That is awesome.

The Deflector case is sturdy too. I have dropped my phone more than once with this case on and the phone has been just fine. The inside cradles the phone and seems to leave just a tad of space between the 2 for a cushion of air.

I am very happy with this case and would recommend it. The only con so far is that once it is on, it is kind of hard to take off. However, I don’t really consider this a con! This means if you drop it, the case should stay put. :)

The Uncommon Deflector Case is available from Uncommon.com for $34.95.


Disclosure: I was provided this case free of charge in exchange for this review.


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3 Responses to Uncommon Deflector 4 iPhone Case Review

  1. I bought the one piece deflector case. I am EXTREMELY unhappy with the fit and finish of this case. It appears that it is a returned item since there are scratches where the finish is coming off of the top edges of the case, despite the fact that I have only had it a few hours and I have not even set the case/ phone down on that side. Also, the accommodations for a headphone plug are pathetic. I tried every headphone and RCA interface plug I own and only the apple earbuds even remotely fit. Other plugs do no go all the way into the hole since the edge of the case blocks them. As a result, the iphone keeps pausing my music because the plug keeps popping out; this is with the phone stationary. I can only imagine the irritation I would experience if it were in my car or in my pocket. These are the most expensive cases on the internet of their type (plastic half covers) yet except for the "cool styling" they appear like cheap knock-offs. I waited for the mail every day for this case to come because I was super excited about it. I suppose that is why I am so upset now that I have actually tried, unsuccessfully, to use it.

    I highly recommend that they have these cases redesigned so that people can actually use them with their headphone centric phones. I don't feel like I should have to modify a case I just spent about $50 on. I could have looked passed the finish wearing off had the overall design of the case been actually tested and functional on my phone.

    What a waste of money!

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