If you have an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, or even if you were lucky enough to snag an HP Touchpad for the clearance price of $99 (I was not so lucky. I’ve been looking and have had no luck. So if were one of the ones to buy multiple and are willing to sell one off, PLEASE let me know!!), you will be working to set it up. You want to make it your own and make sure that it will help you be productive. Here are a few tips below to get that done.


We love our smart phones and we love our tablets. I can’t even describe how excited I was to finally get my tablet. It was truly one of the only gadgets that I new I didn’t need, but had to have. However, there are times when I wish that my tablet would act more like a smart phone and less like a computer. Tablets were intended to be the inbetween, the best of both the smart phone and the laptop, but they are definitely not programmed to have some of the most loved features of each.

The new Blackberry PlayBook allows you to sync your phone and your tablet so that you can be alerted to phone calls and benefit from the use of smart phone apps while still benefiting from basic PC functions. However, you don’t have to have Blackberry products to enjoy smart phone features. Whether you have an iPhone 4 or a Samsung Exhibit 4G Android Phone and a iPad or Galaxy Tablet, here are a five easy ways to improve your tablet experience:

1. Download a Sync App

Downloading a sync app such as Dropbox allows you to access all the information you need from your home or work computer while using your tablet. The information is stored in a cloud which then allows you to access all information needed from your home computer, tablet, or smart phone without having to wait until you reach one device or having to email documents to yourself. I highly suggest using cloud technologies when using multiple mobile devices as they not only provide users with greater connectivity, but they are also much more secure than storing all information on a specific device.

2. Get a Keyboard

This may sound like a strange piece of advice, but if you actually anticipate using your tablet like a laptop from time to time, you will thank yourself for purchasing a keyboard. Tablets are great for skimming through emails and webpages, but they aren’t the easiest to use when needing to return emails or creating blog posts because of their touchscreen surface. To expedite typing when trying to work on the go, purchase a fold-up USB keyboard. They are incredibly handy to have, and will usually fit easily into your tablet’s case.

3. Download a Bookmarking App

Unfortunately, the browsers used on tablets are still in their developmental phases and leave quite a bit to be desired by users. They are particularly bad about bookmarking sites which can slow down the speed in which you work. To make sure that all your favorite and necessary sites are always just a quick click away, let a browser such as Firefox 4, sync your favorite sites from your phone and computer onto your laptop. You are then able to browse through the best of both worlds in a matter of seconds.

There are other more frivolous ways to enhance your tablet experience such as the purchase of a unique tablet case or a stylish tablet purse which allows you to keep all your essentials – compact and tablet included – all in one secure place. However, these are simple functional ways to further enjoy your high price gadget. If you truly want to improve the way you use your tablet to make managing your life easier, actually be a little techie yourself and upload and purchase some of the great products and services listed above.