The hot topic right now is indeed back to school. My kids are in their 3rd week back. I just talked about needing to remember teachers, classes, field trips, gym dates, etc. Ugh! It is SO hard to keep up with 4 kids. It really is. And they are still young, but I keep thinking about how it will only get worse as they get older and sports and extracurricular activities get added to the mix.

I use a combination of things to try to keep on top of it.  When I think about how to get organized I run through the many things that I could try to settle on what works best for me.  I am not married to any one thing. I use a digital filing system and more. I use an online calendar, a paper calendar, a notebook, and sticky notes! That is probably not all. Somehow I keep most things in order with my wild ways. LOL! But I think I need to focus a bit on how to declutter. This is ESPECIALLY needed in my office (another post all it’s own!). Ugh.

I have tried a few online systems, and I must say that I think that is REALLY full-featured. If you have a need to keep track of absolutely everything in one place, give it a try. When I say everything, I mean everything. There is a calendar. There is a place for health, education, possessions, and and inbox.

One of my favorite features that I think I’ll try out is the family newsletter. It generates based on what your family has been up to on your calendar, etc. How cool is that? I don’t do enough of keeping others up to date on what the kids are up to, so I should definitely take advantage of that.

I just saw something else that would help me out. I hate to admit it, but I am terrible when it comes to vehicle maintenance! I really am. I could use a better way to keep track. As a matter of fact, I have like 3 things that need fixing right now. It is always something.

Check out this video to see more of what About One can do.


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