A few days ago I wrote about my Uncommon iPhone 4 case as a part of branding for the Blogher conference. Company #2 to thank on the list for helping me get my brand noticed is Ooshirts. Yes, it is a funny name, but they have great shirts. 🙂

I was given the opportunity to choose 2 shirts from the site to check out. I designed my own graphic to make my logo and branding and the representative was awesome in helping me make sure that what I designed fit the shirts well, and that I knew how the size of the shirts worked. She also made sure that I knew exactly how the shirts that I chose would fit and feel.

I ordered a Pink Bella Ladies Wide Strap Tank which is very comfy! For that one I chose to put just the words “Little Tech Girl” across the chest. It was kind of hard to show the whole word on my self portrait. 🙂 But you can see it in the pic at the bottom.

For my 2nd choice, I picked a Pink Bella Ladies V-Neck. I love V-Neck T’s because while I am still wearing a comfy tee, it feels more feminine. This shirt is very soft and fits very well. The only thing that I noticed about this shirt is the the graphic color, specifically the skin color is a lot darker than my actual graphic therefore much darker than me. 🙂 But, it is still a great shirt.

I got compliments on both shirts, and I do love wearing them for blogging events. No one has to ask me who I am. 🙂

Ooshirts.com has many different styles of shirts available to choose from. You can order just one, or get a quote on many. They also have hoodies, athletic gear, and even shorts that can be customized.