I am getting ready to embark on a project of redoing my office. It needs it badly. When we had this home built in 2006 I chose the smallest of the 5 bedrooms as my office. The room is 10 feet by 11 feet. This may sound like an OK size for a home office. But my Office in the old house was something like 15 x 16. So yeah… I lost quite a bit of space. And I need MUCH organization!! I have 2 computer desks, but one of them I have outgrown.  I mean, I will not go into how many computers, printers, and other things I now have. I will just say that each item needs a place, and i am not entirely happy with the current setup. My desk is nice. It is a beautiful desk. But, I have had it since 1999, and I have outgrown it! I measured my space and I have my eyes on a new L shaped computer desk. My current one is L shaped also. It is what makes sense in the space. But, I want a much longer one so that I have my surface space. It would either be that or a corner computer desk. I love this one:

Honestly, that desk is very similar in type and size to what I have now. I guess I am drawn to similar things, eh? I love the look, but  I will probably end up doing something kind of custom to get the space that I need.

Besides a bigger desk, I need more shelves, or bookcases. I want to use the wall space that I have, so I will probably do some wall shelves. That makes the most sense.

Not being organized makes it hard to work. Over the years the amount of stuff that I use to get my many jobs done has just about doubled, so what I used to use to organize is just not working for me anymore.

I am on the hunt for products to help me out. Any suggestions? Anyone want to sponsor my office redo? LOL!

Are you happy with your workspace? Would you be willing to share a picture with me if so? I need some inspiration and ideas. I think I shopping trip is in my near future!