I posted before that I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Keurig K-Cup Ambassador. Since then I have received a couple more shipments of yummy coffee to try out. Since it’s been really hot this summer I have been taking full advantage of the awesome Iced Coffee and Iced Tea flavors that we received. I am a lover of good iced coffee on a hot day.

Thanks to Jess over at That Tech Chick for this photo. I ripped my boxes open in excitement before I snapped a pretty pic. 🙂

I received the following:

  • Nantucket Blend Iced Coffee
  • French Vanilla Iced Coffee
  • Half & Half Black Tea & Lemonade
  • Sweet Raspberry Black Tea
  • Keurig Brew Over Ice Tumbler with lid and straw
  • Small Igloo Cooler

Brewing is super easy and fast. I’ve loved that about my Keurig since I received it. I do sometimes wish that it was like the one at work and directly hooked into the water supply so that I don’t have to fill it. LOL!  But, it only takes a few seconds and it heats up fast.

How to brew your fresh, delicious cup of iced coffee or tea:

  1. Make sure your brewer reservoir is filled with water
  2. Fill a 16-oz. plastic cup with ice and place it under a Keurig brewer
  3. Choose the 6-oz. or 8-oz button (the big one at work also has a 10-oz button)
  4. Brew directly over ice
  5. Stir and enjoy!


Check out BrewOverIce.com for the great K-Cup assortment of products. You can also follow them on Facebook, or Twitter.


Disclosure: I received the coffee as part of the Ambassador program. No compensation was received.