As you may remember, I have represented eBay for well over a year as a eBay Classifieds Ambassador. That group has now been morphed, expanded, and improved into the new eBay Parent Panel. I’m very excited to be a part of it. I have been addicted to eBay for so long anyway. I buy. I sell. I browse. It’s a way of life. ROFL!!! Yes, I sound like a cheezy commercial.

But, seriously… as you get ready for back to school which is NOW you might want to think about using eBay to get your home and your kids ready. How? Well, if it is time for a new family computer, considering selling the old one on eBay to recoup some of the cost. Since I used to upgrade my technology quite a bit I would sell the old model on eBay.  I have also sold preemie baby clothes, toys, printers, cameras, and more.

You could do a lot on eBay for back to school. Consider selling used text books, graphing calculators, halloween costumes, uniforms, and more.  Just about anything that you can think of someone is buying or selling it on eBay!

Having trouble getting started? Check out the seller information page for more information. Once you have done it a couple of times, it is a piece of cake. There is even a fashion selling guide to give you some ideas on clothes and accessories. I met the eBay fashion team last year in NYC for Blogher 2010. They had some awesome things that they were able to snag on eBay! I think I tried on some $600 shoes which I will never get to do again. HA!

And yes.. I buy on eBay too. I probably buy too much on eBay. Sigh…

I am looking forward to what the eBay Parent Panel has in store. And I’m looking forward to checking out some more of what is going on with Like I said, it’s a way of life. 😉


Disclosure: This compensated post is part of my involvement as an eBay Parent Panel member. All opinions are my own.