This past Tuesday shoppers hit Target with a vengeance to get their hands on Missoni items. Some stores were sold out in 1 hour. The rush even crashed the Target website. That is unreal. I hear that it was worse than Black Friday. Apparently, not all of these people were looking to wear the items. They were looking to make a profit. You see, the popular designers items usually go for several times more than what they cost at Target. Some shoppers just grabbed everything that they could and stuffed it into their carts. I must admit, people that do that bug me when I am looking for a popular item. But hey, they are smart! Some of the items are going for much more than they would be in Target, but still much less than they would be at high end stores like Macys.

And now? A HUGE part of those items are on eBay. There are over 51,000 Missoni items on eBay now. When I checked 2 days ago there were only about 27,000 items. WOW! So, if you were not lucky enough to score any Missoni, try eBay! There are a ton of things to choose from. Click an item below to Zoom in and shop!