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Facebook Page Admins Check For “Hidden” Posts

Yes, another Facebook post! I noticed a few days ago (maybe longer) that it seemed like when folks tagged my Littletechgirl.com Facebook Fan Page it was not working. Or so I thought. And I knew that a specific page tagged me today, but I did not see it on my wall so I started wondering. I saw and finally clicked on “Hidden” on the left task bar on my Facebook page. And low andĀ beholdĀ there were MANY posts there. There were tags as well as posts from people. One of them was an angry post declaring that my page sucked because I did not respond to a request for help from a couple of weeks ago. Don’t let this happen to you. Check under “Hidden” periodically for those posts that you may be missing.

I am looking for a way to just allow all posts by default. It makes more sense to do that and let us decide what is spam (hidden), than the way it works now. If I find anything, I will be sure to share the info.

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  • I wish facebook would leave well enough alone. Making me crazy.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,