The war of phones is in full affect. Every couple of months something new is coming out. Android phones are in abundance now. But Apple is still the front runner for most since coming out with the iPhone. And in a few days, we will likely hear about the next version of the most popular smarphone on the market. But, was it really all Apple’s idea?? The below article tell us some of what they think about the issue over in the UK.

HTC has become the latest in a long line of manufacturers to get involved in a patents skirmish with one of their peers. They have filed a lawsuit against Apple for alleged patent infringement claiming they had infringed three of its patents, from 2008 and 2010, by employing technology from their own products.

This strategic war between the biggest mobile industry companies shows no sign of abating, and has intensified as the lines of battle become more and more complex. One of the chief reasons why Google recently notified its intention to buy Motorola Mobility, is to try and simplify the Android ecosystem and stem the tide of future patent issues.

If the stakes weren’t so high in this particular case between Apple and HTC, you could argue it’s business as usual. But, if  HTC  is successful, they could potentially block sales of the iPhone and iPad in the US! According to HTC co-operation general counsel Grace Lei, they are taking the legal route to protect “…intellectual property, our industry partners and most importantly our customers that use HTC phones.” By claiming an altruistic motive, HTC may be clouding the issue, but it’s clear this case could have far-reaching consequences.

The patents in question cover functionality within Apple’s Mac computers and mobile phones, such as Wi-Fi capability allowing users to network multiple devices domestically, and processor communication technology enabling device integration which is at the core of the smartphone experience.

This lawsuit follows a case earlier this year in which Apple claimed HTC had infringed two of their patents. The ITC judge ruled in Apple’s favor and found HTC had indeed committed both infringements, so this latest battle could be seen as a tit-for-tat legal proceeding. How far the two companies will take their private battle remains to be seen, but seen on a global scale, these patent wars are likely to involve bigger stakes as the competitors continually strive for market leadership.


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