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The world is still mourning the death of Steve Jobs. Many are wondering what affect it will have on Apple. Sure… Apple will certainly live on. But, Steve was the master of ceremonies. He was the man behind it all. There has been a lot of talk in the news about what this means for Apple as well. The truth is that Steve’s influence and designs will live on for a long, long time. I imagine there being a vault locked up with several disks, CDs, backup tapes…. who knows. They are all full of Steve’s ideas and future products that Apple is just waiting for the right time to unleash on us.

Thinking about that makes me think about the rest of technology. Apple has influenced many other designs in tech, not only Apple products. They have pushed the envelope and made other companies step up their game to bring us more.

I love watching technology evolve. I am usually there at the start to check out and maybe test out the new stuff. And I also love watching Sci-Fi movies and TV shows. I am not quite sure when I fell in love with them. Maybe it started back when my uncle first took me to see Star Wars. Or maybe it was Knight Rider. LOL! Whichever event pinpointed it for me, I love watching movies and shows that may me think about the future of technology and what we are in store for next. This includes things set in space, here on earth, or even underwater. Technology is used just about everywhere.

Have you ever watched CSI and wondered about how they fling images around in the air when investigating evidence? Or how they make 3D images of fractured skulls to recreate them on Bones? I look at it and go “oooh…ahhh” and wonder if that really happens. There was actually a documentary on it at one time and as of right now that technology is way too pricey for use in *real* police stations. But who knows, I’m certain there are many secret underground rooms where they track everything that goes on and can zoom in and record things at will.

Companies will have no choice but to keep up with the changes trends in technology. And it happens now faster than it ever has before. The trends in smartphones, television and other portable electronics moves with the speed a light. A new one is released every time you blink your eyes. Or so it seems. 🙂

What are you waiting to see? What technology comes to mind when you sit around and dream up ideas? I see more women getting involved in tech. I see products that will do things that we only imagine right now. And I see companies expanding and evolving as the figure out that people are ready to enter the future.


Disclosure: This post is written as part of my involvement in the ChicaLogic’s Ambassador Program.