Girls in Tech. Girls in Programming. Girls in Social Media. Girls in Hacking? ABSOLUTELY!! Ok, ok… not real hacking. 🙂 Sweet Hack is all about us ladies getting together and brainstorming while working together to build a tool. There will be developers, programmers, web developers, bloggers, and more!

Full Description:

entrprnr is partnering with #MsTech to bring you SweetHack, a hackathon aiming to unite the communities of two thriving and burgeoning entrepreneurial hubs, New York and Chicago, under the cause of creating new and better tools for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Our mission:

  1. Evolve the conversation of female entrepreneurism beyond the issue of ‘changing the ratio,’ and towards actively advancing the quality of their businesses, networks and resources.
  2. Build a tool that will feature:
  • A searchable database of influencers, experts, developers and entrepreneurs
  • A social platform for users to ask questions, get help and discover people and resources
  • Content derived from exclusive events, incubator programs and international experts
I am very honored to have been asked to join by organizer, Nicole Yeary.
The Event:
The event spans 3 days. Friday, October 14 is the kickoff with a panel featuring the Director of Marketing for the Chicago Bulls. This is followed by a cocktail party. The “hacking” takes places on Saturday and Sunday!
If you want to mingle and meet the ladies of SweetHack, you can REGISTER NOW for the Friday night festivities and come have some cocktails!