It is already October. Its hard to believe but it is already time to think about Christmas shopping. I’ve been thinking about my list already. Once again I am determined not to wait until the last minute. Around now I start paying attention to my kids when they mention things that they want from commercials. And, I start paying attention to new video games due out. And when it comes to getting new games, I think about getting rid of the ones that don’t get played much, or that we bought and then decided that we do not really like it, so it just sits and collects dust.

There are quite a few ways to do away with old games. One of them is to check out is an awesome site to buy and sell video games and more. A few months ago when I was on the hunt for the new Michael Jackson experience game. It was $50 on most sites, and that is a bit rich for my blood when it comes to buying a game. So, I did some searching and came across There the game was only $34 + $4 shipping for a savings of $12. That adds up if you have to buy more than one game.

When selling items, the site works kind of like eBay. You list your items and wait for them to sell. Then it sells, will send you a shipping envelope that you immediately send off. Once the buyer receives the item, you get paid via your account. also allows you to buy and sell iPhones, iPods, tablets, books, CDs and DVDs.

When you are shopping around for games for that new XBox, Wii, or Playstation 3, check out