As part of my participation in the Verizon Midwest Moms, I was given a Xoom tablet. I also received a shiny, sharp Droid Bionic! The Bionic was released just 1 month ago to rave reviews. I have been using it about 2 weeks and so far everything is A OK. I happily passed on my Evo 4G to a friend that needed it. Not because I don’t love it, but because I do not need 3 cellphones. Actually, if I kept it, it would have been 4, but that is another story.

This phone is a monster. The specs are incredible. The camera is pretty awesome. And it is FAST! The phone itself is fast, and the 4G LTE network is fast. I have gotten 4G coverage just about everywhere that I have been. I have noticed only a couple of switches to the 3G network.

I am still using it, and testing, and discovering new things, but so far it is awesome. My only complaint is the battery life which is pretty bad. But, that is true of most smartphones unfortunately.

I have seen a few complants about the camera around the web, but I don’t find it that bad. Most pics are pretty good, a few are grainy. I will agree that the focus time could be improved. AND I find it annoying that this one does not have a shutter button on the side. In my opinion ALL smartphones manufactured now should have a side shutter button. It just makes sense. But, all in all, the camera is pretty good. Here are a couple of pics:

I’ll have a full review coming for you soon. I just wanted to introduce you to my new phones, and my nice new blingy case that I got for it :0)

Stay tuned for more on how the Bionic is helping this busy mom keep in touch.


Disclosure: I received the Droid Bionic as part of my participation in the Verizon Midwest Moms program. All opinions are my own.