In my day job I am a network admin. More specifically I am part of the Microsoft Exchange support team. I spend a fair amount of time remotely connected to one of our Exchange server setting up or troubleshooting user accounts.

Before I became a network admin I did desktop support. I loved it. It allowed me to roam around and connect with people. But sometimes it was not feasible to run to someone’s office to fix something. It could be raining or freezing outside! Or, you are just too busy to run over. This is where having remote access to client computers comes in very, very handy. We would get calls about the desktop resolution resetting, Microsoft Word toolbars disappearing, or web browsers acting funny. When I worked the helpdesk I would try to talk them through clicking and changing the settings. Some would catch on and get through it right away. Others would say that they did not see the button that I was asking them to push, or that it was not working. So, then we would dispatch a support person that would make the 10 minute walk over, do the job that took 2 minutes, and take the 10 minute walk back.

But, with remote desktop support we can quickly connect to the clients computer and fix the problem without the added *travel time*. I have also used the same technology to help out my mother quite often. She loves to tinker!

Bomgar offers unified remote support solutions that cover both Windows and Mac. This is very helpful for support folks.  If you are in an enterprise environment having remote access can help out a lot. A lot of times budget does not allow for a large department of technicians. The department that I used to work for had only 6 technicians supporting over 200 faculty members. In a lot of places some technicians might be responsible for supporting 20 – 50 computers each. That is a lot. And being able to do it remotely can save a LOT of time.

If you have a need for remote solutions for your business, check out Bomgar.