So as you already know I got a Motorola Xoom a while ago as part of the Verizon Wireless Midwest Mom Blogger program. And later I also received a Motorola Droid Bionic which is a 4G LTE device.

We were also allowed to send out Xoom’s in for a 4G LTE upgrade. I got great service too. I shipped it off on a Monday. I got an email saying that they checked it in on Tuesday. I got another email on Wednesday saying that it was shipped back. And it arrived on Thursday! Now that is FAST!

Speaking of fast, I ran a speedtest on both devices. Here are the results:


Xoom Speed Test

Droid Bionic Speed Test (Excuse the pic of the results. Can’t take a screenshot without rooting or purchasing an app)

I am lucky enough to have Comcast High Speed Internet at home, so my speeds are usually faster than these. But, I know that this is faster than some friend’s homes that I visit. 🙂 The Bionic beat out the Xoom in that test, but I am sure that it varies depending on where you are and what is going on with your device at the time.