As stated before, I have worked in IT for a long time. In that time there have been several instances where I have had a need to ask a user for their password to log into a computer, email account, or other account for troubleshooting purposes. Very often, what the user gave me was something super simple that in some cases I remembered after putting it in twice. This is bad. Very bad. Your password should be something that you know well, but others cannot guess or catch on to. Here are a few tips:


  • Never make your password your name
  • Never make your password your child’s name
  • Never make your password or PIN number your birthday
  • Never make your password too short
  • Never make your password something that those close to you can guess easily



  • Do make your password very secure
  • Do mix letters and numbers to create an affective password
  • If you do want to use a play on names, make sure to mix it up with a play on numbers as letters, etc.
  • Do have different passwords for very important things like your bank account and your utility bills.
  • Do use separate passwords for things work related versus personal.
A good password might look like Ba8yG1rL’sL0veM03. A password should never look like MyBabyLovesMe. While it is pretty clear what it says to you, it is long enough and includes enough numbers and letters and other characters to throw off a password cracker program that looks for simple plays on words.
I know that some users including myself sometimes have so many different accounts and passwords that it can be hard to keep up. In a case such as this a great password manager can help. Of course you can and should remember your every day passwords like your bank account and your email address, Twitter, and Facebook. But, some other things that you do not use every day you can securely store in a program like Chica Password Manager. This is also useful for family members. In the event that you are ill family members can access the program and get passwords to vital information that they might need.


Disclosure: This is a compensated post which is part of the ChicaLogic ChicaAmbassador program. All opinions are my own.